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Moving abroad?

Planning a move abroad for a better life, for adventure, but your current career isn’t location independent at all?


You dream of spending longer in your favourite holiday destination than your company’s leave entitlement permits?

accompanying partner?

Moving as an accompanying partner / trailing spouse, and don’t want to lose your career and personal independence?

chasing the sun?

You want to alternate where you live; a few months here, a few months there - giving you the best of both worlds.

Location independence isn't just about being a Digital Nomad, or a VanLife influencer.

There are ideas for everyone here!

Living a location independent life is not just about a laptop lifestyle. In this eBook, you'll find all kinds of remote work opportunities, from online business ideas to in-person and product-based suggestions. Use this free eBook of location independent jobs to kick-start your imagination and design your future freedom.

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